Wow and Breath

It isn’t the simplest of things to run a small agency and gig on a normal year but when that year involves celebrating 40 years of Blowzabella life is full on and whilst my systems for doing admin etc are improving so that I can work more easily remotely it can be tough to stay on top of things and ensure that all artists get enough time spent on them.

That isn’t a moan just a reflection of reality. So far it’s been an amazing year for several artists currently on the roster e.g. Earthen and their debut Cd, The Poozies with an English tour and new CD and Kevin Dempsey doing more solo gigs in addition to all the other things he does already. The practical difficulties are how to develop stuff fr artists next year i.e. the current ones and the ones joining us – Blowzabella and Topette!!

Let’s hope that one day this little agency will be so successful that II can employ someone else to take on some of the tasks and role our artists out more and more.