What a Year – New Cd from Narthen

Most artists on the agency have been out and about this year including the ones joining us from next year eg Blowzabella and Topette. The Poozies have their September tour but additionally they were snapped up for Cambridge Folk Festival having been seen at Celtic connections. Also out and about this summer are The Old Swan Band at Sidmouth and Narthen at Sidmouth, Broadstairs and Swanage festivals. All dates are on the relevant artists page so keep your eyes on it. Narthen’s Cd is complete and has arrived and will be formally released in September.

Next year the Poozies are giving in early March so if you have a venue you know would love them or where you would like to see them get in touch. Topette are out and about the end of April into the beginning of May and they will be recording their new Cd immediately afterwards. So similarly for them and all the artists if you know a venue or even think you could promote it’s always worth a chat.

Blowzabella: following an exceptionally busy year this year will have a quieter one next year but there are performances and workshop weekends dotted about both here and abroad throughout the year and there will be others. It hasn’t been easy for Gregory to get forwards and backwards to France as the journey is getting more expensive and the train strikes in France have effected him badly but he is amazing and turns up despite hours and hours of travel. I am only telling you this so that you can understand the difficulty in booking out a band with international considerations as well as being a seven piece with a sound engineer. We persevere regardless and have a fabulous time.

That’s all for now. Contact me, Jo Freya, if you are interested in any of our artists. We just want to keep the music live and get it out there.