Updated Welcomes

As you can see we add Blowzabella and Topette to the agency from 2019 and dates are in and being pencilled as we speak. Blowzabella are busy this year celebrating 40 years with a new Cd ‘Two Score’ a new book ‘More Scores’ and many gigs and festivals here and abroad throughout the year. Up to this point and the end of the year the driving, gigging getting, admin force behind the band has been Paul James. He wants to step down from that role and concentrate on music and I am stepping up to the plate to take on the bits I can deal with and other things will be dealt with by other members of the band. If you want Blowzabell in 2019 you need to contact me and if you want Topette in 2019 you need to contact me. Topette has fixed tour dates but do have availability dotted throughout next year and are available for festivals. So, if you can’t fit into the tour dates but have a date or gig in mind do get in touch.

Token Women, who celebrate 30 years in 2019, have several performances over 2019 with festivals and other dates to be added.

More news as it comes but keep your eyes peeled on the individual pages for gig updates for each artist.