Token Women

Yes this wonderful bunch of women multi-instrumentalists still exists.
Usually this band plays for dancing but also do concerts as well or a mix of both.
There is a fantastic line up of instruments including driving fiddles, saxes, clarinets, keyboard, percussion, tuba, euphonium and trombone.
The repertoire they play is pan European which makes for a really varied mix of sound. There is simply nothing like them and listening to them is like being inside someone’s wild, joyous music party.

They are: Jo Freya, Alice Kinlock, Heather Horsley, Jo May, Linda Game, Fi Fraser.

Token Women Gigs 2019

12th January 2019 – Bath Ceilidhs.

18th – 20thth January 2019 – Halsway Manor Workshop Weekend.

8th Feb 2019 – Potteries Folk Club

9th Feb 2019 – Oxfolk.

16th March 2019 – Ruff Ceilidhs, Cardiff

6th April 2019 – Dursley – Run by Stroud Ceilidhs.

2nd Nov 2019 – Kent dance. Norton Knatchbull School
Hythe Rd, Ashford, TN24 0QJ