Token Women

Next year, 2019, Token Women celebrate 30 years in the business of making joyful music to dance to. Known as the ‘Divas of the dance world’ there is simply nothing like them. This all female line up play Tuba. Trombone, Saxes and Clarinets as well as more traditional fiddles, keyboards and percussion. The music is a smorgasbord of tunes from around Europe and their influences are many and their arrangements unusual and inspiring. . Nobody sounds like them and every gig is a party.

Strangely there is very little digital representation of the band either audio or visual so they have created a soundcloud site with tracks from their last Cd ‘Elsa’. Tracks from previous CDs will be added soon and hopefully some live tracks too:

Formed originally to highlight the women, often lone, in instrumental music there is nothing tokenistic about what they do. It’s delivered with passion, energy and exuberance that is infectious.

They are: Jo Freya, Alice Kinlock, Heather Horsley, Jo May, Linda Game, Jackie Allen and Fi Fraser.



Token Women Gigs 2019

Token Women Sidmouth Folk Week

05/08/2019 - 06/08/2019

Sidmouth Folk Festival

Towersey Folk Festival

Date: 25/08/2019

Dance @ The North School, Kent

Date: 02/11/2019