Many of you will be aware that, due to the situation with COVID 19 most gigs this year are being cancelled, at least until the end of August and probably beyond.

We are trying to reset dates and some of these are being put in in good faith, e.g. entire festival rosters moving forward a year. Some are just saying they will reschedule but they don't know when.

As the dates come through we will add them. Any changes we will let you know.

Stay in touch and stay safe.

  • Coope Boyes and Simpson
    Coope Boyes and Simpson
  • Moirai
  • Narthen
  • The Poozies
    The Poozies
  • Kevin Dempsey
    Kevin Dempsey
  • Token Women
    Token Women
  • Old Swan Band
    Old Swan Band
  • Derek Pearce
    Derek Pearce

Latest News

Where has 2019 gone already?

There I was talking about how busy last year was with the 40th anniversary of Blowzabella and suddenly we are in the middle of September 2019 already. Blowzabella have had an understandably quieter year but there was another anniversary to celebrate. The Poozies are playing regularly throughout the Uk and mainland Europe and their high energy set is making them popular as a headliner for festivals.Token Women are 3o years old and as well as doing gigs in their current line-up all over the country they had a fantastic retrospective couple of days at Sidmouth festival with Kathryn Locke and Carly Rose rejoining the band and Kathryn also played again with the band at Towersey.

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Wow and Breath

It isn’t the simplest of things to run a small agency and gig on a normal year but when that year involves celebrating 40 years of Blowzabella life is full on and whilst my systems for doing admin etc are improving so that I can work more easily remotely it can be tough to stay on top of things and ensure that all artists get enough time spent on them.

That isn’t a moan just a reflection of reality.

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What a Year – New Cd from Narthen

Most artists on the agency have been out and about this year including the ones joining us from next year eg Blowzabella and Topette. The Poozies have their September tour but additionally they were snapped up for Cambridge Folk Festival having been seen at Celtic connections. Also out and about this summer are The Old Swan Band at Sidmouth and Narthen at Sidmouth, Broadstairs and Swanage festivals. All dates are on the relevant artists page so keep your eyes on it.

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