Hare Music Agency represents a select number of artists in the English folk music scene - with the notable exception of the fabulous Poozies (from Scotland).

If you’re looking for great song or tune writing, virtuoso guitar playing, spine-tingling vocal harmony, or the best of exhilarating dance bands, you've come to the right place.

Tour dates, prices and other information can be found on the site or by request to info@haremusic.agency
  • Coope Boyes and Simpson
    Coope Boyes and Simpson
  • Moirai
  • Narthen
  • The Poozies
    The Poozies
  • Kevin Dempsey
    Kevin Dempsey
  • Token Women
    Token Women
  • Old Swan Band
    Old Swan Band
  • Derek Pearce
    Derek Pearce

Latest News

What a Year – New Cd from Narthen

Most artists on the agency have been out and about this year including the ones joining us from next year eg Blowzabella and Topette. The Poozies have their September tour but additionally they were snapped up for Cambridge Folk Festival having been seen at Celtic connections. Also out and about this summer are The Old Swan Band at Sidmouth and Narthen at Sidmouth, Broadstairs and Swanage festivals. All dates are on the relevant artists page so keep your eyes on it.

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Updated Welcomes

As you can see we add Blowzabella and Topette to the agency from 2019 and dates are in and being pencilled as we speak. Blowzabella are busy this year celebrating 40 years with a new Cd ‘Two Score’ a new book ‘More Scores’ and many gigs and festivals here and abroad throughout the year. Up to this point and the end of the year the driving, gigging getting, admin force behind the band has been Paul James.

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The Farewell has happened.

Coope Boyes and Simpson will no longer be seen as a trio. Barry Coope and Lester Simpson can be seen as part of the quartet Narthen as well as their other projects and Jim Boyes still performs in his own shows etc. The three piece can only be seen as six in shows with Michael Morpurgo i.e. Coope, Boyes ans Simpson, Georgina Boyes, Jo Freya and Fi Fraser collectively known as ‘Voices at the Door’.

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